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Folding Shutter Doors

Similar to Roller Shutter Doors, each Sliding Folding Shutter is manufactured for a specific purpose. Sizes range from the smallest doors for dumb waiters to full size warehouse doors of 10m-20m.

The unique design of the folding shutter gives you increased security as they can withstand some forms of ram raiding which would destroy Roller Shutter Doors or Sectional Overhead Doors. They also provide increased wind resistance on larger openings due to rigidity of doors.

Folding Shutter Door standard features:

  • Manual or electrical operation

  • 229mm & 305mm leaves

  • Rolled or heavy duty top tracks

  • Hasp & staple locking

  • Key operable locking

Folding Shutter Door options Include:

  • Polyester Powder Coating to any standard BS or RAL reference

  • B.S. Colour

  • Brush strips top & bottom of the leaves or both

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